Monday February 9

A. 1RM Press
B. 1RM WTD Pull-Up
30# truly strict & 35# w/some frog kicking at the top
30# is the most I can hang from my feet, so I have to use a belt after that which I absolutely hate. As soon as I clip weight on a belt I feel my pelvis tilt horribly and everything feels off.
C. AMRAP P-Bar Dips - 1 set
D. Max Hollow Holds; 1 minute, unbroken, rest 3 min between attempts
1 full minute, then 44 sec on the 2nd attempt
I swear I have flashbacks to struggling with these as a kid (especially once my displaced vertebrae had locked my back into hyperextension) and hearing "Hollow! Round your spate" shouted at me over and over. That may be the only Romanian word I can remember now.
2 mile walk @ Zone 1

Friday February 6

Tuesday will be my last day in town.

I've been off of all anti-inflammatories and painkillers other than tylenol for a few days now... ouch. My back is a special kind of mess - I spent a good part of Thursday on the living room floor because when I sit it's very clear that I've got a disc injury somewhere in there. Today it was significantly better but I was still a little cautious.

A1. DB Split Squat x5-6 @ 3010; rest 1 min b/t legs x 4
25#/25#/30#/30# 6 reps each set
A2. CG Bench Press x 1 @ 30X1; rest 75 sec
125# all 4 sets
I didn't feel confident in 130# this week b/c 125# felt heavy. There weren't fractional plates handy and my only available spotter was 10, so I stuck with the 125#.
B1. Suitcase Carry tough distance 70#; rest 1 min b/t sides.
20m each side/ 30m/ 35m/35m
Ugh this is way worse than 70#in each hand.
B2. Close Grip Upright Row x 2-3 @ 31X0; rest 1 min
65#(3)/ 65#(3)/ 75#(2)/ 75#(3)
Stayed low on the weights to be sure I wasn't screwing with my back.
C. 50 strict knee to elbow for quality
10-20 minute walk

Wednesday February 4

A1. Unweighted Single Leg Deadlift x 8-12; rest 30 sec b/t legs
8-9 each set, though on my right side they weren't unbroken since I kept falling over.
A2. Star Plank 25 sec R/L
B1. Jane Fonda x 40-50 reps; no rest b/t legs
B2. Table stretch 60 sec; no rest
D1. Seated SA DB Press AMRAP @ 30X0 40#; rest 2 min btw arms
D2. WTD Pull-Up x 1-2 @ 31X1; with 25-30# x4
2(25#)/ 1(30#)/ 1(30#)/ 1(30#)

Monday February 2

A. Front Rack Walking Lunge x 12 steps; rest 2 min x 4
B1. Press x 2-3 @ 31X1; rest 2 min x 4
85#(3)/ 90#(3)/ 95#(2)/ 95#(2)
*2RM in August was 85#, 1RM was 92.5#
B2. Cook Hip Lift x 3-5 @ 3113; rest 30 sec btw legs x 4
C. P-Bar Dip AMRAP @ 2020; rest 2:30 x 5
My shoulders were completely useless by the end of these
D1. Straddle Glute Hold 55 sec x 4
D2. Hollow Hold 30-45 sec x 4
10-20 minute backwards walk
These are actually getting a lot better. I still look absurd, move slowly and wobble a lot and I had to pause a few times, but I fished the 20 minutes and wasn't miserable.

Saturday January 31

My SI joint area on the right side was irritated and clicking at the start of this, and it got way worse and spread up my back as I worked. Two hours later and I still couldn't get a deep breath in b/c everything's so cramped up. I may have to suck it up and go to a chiropractor next week.

A1. DB Split Squat x6-8 @ 3010; rest 1 min b/t legs x 4 20#(8)/ 20#(8)/ 25#(8)/ 25#(7)
The quad of my rear leg always cramps painfully during these no matter how hard I try to get my stupid defective glutes to do their fair share of the work.
A2. CG Bench Press x 1-2 @ 30X1; rest 75 sec 120#(2)/ 125#(2 barely)/ 125#(1)/ 130#(1)
Very nearly failed that second rep at 125# (I may have actually - I felt like the bar might've moved back downwards at one point). The next set felt stronger but I didn't try for a second again since I was alone.
B1. Farmer Walk tough 40-50m; rest 1 min b/t sides 53#/ 70#/ 70#/ 70#
picking the kbs up off the ground is the most painful part of these.
B2. Close Grip Upright Row x 3-4 @ 31X0; rest 1 min 65#(4)/ 65#(4)/ 75#(3)/ 75#(3)
C. 30 strict knee to elbow for quality
Able to keep up sets of 3-4 all the way through with less fatigue than I expected.

12-15 minute walk
Did this at home after the rain stopped and I had spent some time quality time with an ice pack. It helped ease up some of the spasmyness in my back plus my hip actually never bothered me(a first).

Sleep Log Jan 23-29

Fri 1/23: 1:00- 9:30 (8.5 hrs)
Sat 1/24: 2:15-8:30 (6.25 hrs)
Sun 1/25: 12:30-8:00 (7.5 hrs)
Mon 1/26: 10:45-6:15 (7.5 hrs)
Tues 1/27: 12:30-8:30 (8 hrs)
Wed 1/28: 11:30-8:00 (8.5 hrs)
Thurs 1/29: 12:30-9:00 (8.5 hrs)

Thursday January 29

I put off working out yesterday to go enjoy the sun (and beer) with friends and then it bit me in the ass when my car wouldn't start today. I wasn't going to get to the gym until late, so I had to reorder things to get the no-equipment stuff done at home.

A1. Unweighted Single Leg Deadlift x 8-10; rest 30 sec b/t legs
*leg stays bent at 20deg
A2. Star Plank 21 sec R/L
I did the DLs in front of a mirror today and realized just how much wobbling my knee does. I look like I'm doing a one legged version of that one overdone touchdown dance.

C1. Jane Fonda x 41 reps; no rest b/t legs
C2. Table stretch 30-50 sec; no rest 50 sec. (except the second one when my hamstring started cramping up around 30 sec)

B. Sled Push 15m every 2 minutes x 6 (add load to last week) 95/110/110/110/120/120

D1. Seated SA DB Press AMRAP @ 30X0 40#; rest 2 min btw arms 3/3/4/4
D2. WTD Pull-Up x 1-2 @ 31X1; with 25# 1/1/2/2

Monday January 26

A. Front Rack Walking Lunge x 16 steps; rest 2 min x 4 35#/35/45/45
I was cautious about weight after last week. These were still tiring and I have some form problems trying to get out of the bottom when I get tired, but no pain this week and so far I'm not hurting.
B1. Press x 3-4 @ 31X1; rest 2 min x 4 75#(4)/75(4)/80(4)/85(3)
B2. Cook Hip Lift x 3-5 @ 3113; rest 30 sec btw legs x 4
I wasn't paying attention and forgot to superset these.
The hip lifts were super frustrating at first b/c it felt like I couldn't get my hips to budge without my hamstrings and back. I recorded a set though and realized there was more movement than I thought.
C. P-Bar Dip AMRAP @ 2020; rest 2:30 x 5 6/6/6/5/6
D1. Straddle Glute Hold 50 sec x 4
D2. Hollow Hold 25-35 sec x 4 :35 on all but last set
I was shaking all over the place by the end of each straddle hold, but I did notice I'm able to get my heels up a little more (versus pointing towards each other)
10-15 minute backwards walk
Actually got through 15 minutes. I was achy/tight but not struggling to control my legs this time.

Friday January 23

Soreness from Monday is finally gone.

A1. DB Split Squat x8-10 @ 3010; rest 1 min b/t legs x 4 15#(10)/ 20#(10)/ 20#(10)/ 20#(10)
A2. CG Bench Press x 2-3 @ 30X1; rest 75 sec 110(3)/ 115(2)/ 115(2)/ 115(3)
B1. Farmer Walk tough 30-40m; rest 1 min b/t sides. 53# first 3, 70# last set
B2. Close Grip Upright Row x 4-5 @ 31X0; rest 1 min 65#(5)/ 70#(5)/ 70#(4)/ 70#(5)
When I get tired on these I do something different that causes shoulder pain & nerve twinges, but I haven't figured out what yet.
C. Every minute on the minute x 5 = 5-7 strict K2E. 7,7,7,5,5
I got fatigued on these but they've definitely improved. Arms are straight, knees are hitting just above elbows consistently, and they're more controlled.
12-15 minute walk

Sleep Log Jan 16-22

Fri 1/16: 2:15-8:00 (5.75 hrs)
Sat 1/17: 2:00-9:00 (7 hrs)
Sun 1/18: 1:30-8:30 (7 hrs)
Mon 1/19: 12:30-8:30 (8 hrs)
Tues 1/20: 1:30-8:30 (7 hrs)
Wed 1/21: 12:30-8:00 (7.5 hrs)
Thurs 1/22: 12:30-8:15 (7.75 hrs)